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You see, if you know anything about attracting women, then you must know that predictability is one of the biggest killers of attraction.

Imagine that you were a girl and you were dating this great but very predictable guy.

You’re telling yourself you are afraid of hurting her feelings. You’re not intentionally trying to hurt her or lie, but that is what you are doing. You didn’t get into this with the intention of lying, but that’s what’s happening. We get caught up in thinking love is all about romance, but that’s only a small part of what lesbian love, and love in general, is about.

You also tell yourself if you stick with it a little longer, maybe love will show up or she’ll break up with you. Love is also caring and respecting someone as a unique and special individual on this planet who deserves your honesty about your own self in the relationship. The kindest and most loving thing you can do in this situation is to tell her the truth. She’ll be hurt if she really cares for you, but she can then move on to find someone who can really treasure her. She’s most likely going to say she wants to stay connected, but you’re going to have to change the rhythm of how you spend time together.

Whatever the story is in your head, you’re not dealing with the truth here. Don’t replicate dating but without the sex or kissing. Anything you do that hints at still being girlfriends, like casually holding hands while out or putting your hand on her leg while at the movies, is a no-no.

That says you’re confused and you’re going to end up in a lot of arguments because of your behavior.

Likewise, perfectionism, personalization, what if thinking, and the comparison trap create storms within the minds of singles.

When they learn to redirect their attention from these thinking errors and turn their focus to the Savior, they begin to move forward with confidence.

SCARCITY TRAPAfter reading these dating traps, you might be wondering, “so how do I not fall into one of these traps? For a start, read this post on 5 questions to ask, before dating & proposing to someone.

Draw a line in your heart, your head, your words and your actions. Share your thoughts and experience with me in the comments section.

Don’t keep spending every Friday and Saturday night with her.

The trouble is she’s really into you and can’t get enough.

Some of you just can’t take the step to say it’s not working.

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