Dark cavern chat rooms

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As long as you time it well, you can defeat them incredibly easily.

If you have trouble, just avoid them or use Deku Nuts.

Simply Z target them and wait for them to come towards you.

Once they jump at you, hit the B button without moving the analog stick to perform a vertical slash that will hit them in the air as well.

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There are several large connected caverns with some man-made wooden structures and furniture set in place.

The Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary is a small underground settlement located in Skyrim.

The last remnants of the Dark Brotherhood are based here.

Haemar's Shame can be found just off the main road that goes through the mountain pass connecting Helgen and Ivarstead.

It is located southwest of Ivarstead and southeast of Helgen, almost directly between Ivarstead and Fort Neugrad.

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