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In fact, frame-rate on the whole is actually more consistent here than it was in its original console incarnation.Unfortunately, for those interested in ramping up the experience to the next level, there is a caveat - there are slight performance issues on Xbox One when playing Legendary Dark Mode.Vergil made the most sense out of the pantheon of past Dm C games.We’re re-telling Dante’s origin, and we’ve changed some stuff in the canon, including Vergil’s relationship with Dante.Now, more than seven years later, do those once cutting-edge visuals still make the grade on newer hardware and have any new issues appeared in the transition?Given Capcom's somewhat spotty remaster track record, we tackled this latest release with some trepidation.

He’s been waiting for the best time to reveal himself to Dante, suck him into his master plan to fight the demons.

Why did you decide to bring him back and what sort of role will he play in the overall plot?

Alex Jones: Even though we’re making a lot of changes there’s still going to be a healthy dose of continuity, and we’re certainly showing that in the combat area. Dante’s got Ebony and Ivory, he’s got a sword, and it was also important to make sure that we kept same sensibility, brought back recognisable elements.

The way these elements interact with the player creates a considerably more immersive world that simply wouldn't be possible if the game ran at double the frame-rate.

For the most part, Ninja Theory's gorgeous design work and impressive technical prowess come across intact on both consoles, despite there being some clear differences between the two versions of the game.

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