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I would suggest that you start writing your tests first, for now at least.The benefit there is that you have to design your code to be testable to begin with. My actual code for this line is; doesn't help I still get "Null Reference Exception was unhandled . Hello everyone, im a bit fussed by a tiny problem... Cell Validating if wrong Input then Message Box("Wrong Input") e. If you have solutions without Cell Validating please give them to me as well. (its quite a bit im working on that problem now) Greetings Holly If you don't want the cursor to move then e. Good Morning, yes the user shall go on with the work. Why do you think there is too much in the Cell Validating Event?There are two flavors, passive and supervising controller.The very first thing you need to do is make sure that your form is not responsible for retrieving the Data Table. The Presenter should be responsible for providing it to the View.Kind regards, Martin Vasilev the Telerik team Registration for Q1 2011 What’s New Webinar Week is now open.Hi all, What I want to do is, when I leave a cell I want to make sure that that cell is not null, that is there is a date data there, and when I leave, I want to add some days to date and place this result on another cell.

Check to determine if the object is Null before calling method" error I think, when grid was populated these columns are null, nothing comes from database, so Cell Value Changed is wired at the time of datagridview populating.

I want the cursor to stay in that specific row if the input is wrong (eg also letters and not only numbers) Ive been searching around and found the Cell Validating event that is supposed to keep the cursor in the current row if the input is not valid and else its moving one row down. ive tried this now: Private Sub Cell Validating(By Val sender as Object, By Val e as Data Grid View Cell Validating Event Args)Handles DGV. I looked it up in the internet and found only the solution e. (the cursor still moves one row down...) how can i prevent the cursor from moving down into the next row if the input is wrong? Besides which, you are, in my opinion, attempting to do far too much in Cell Validating event.

Cancel needs to be set to True (ie, Cancel the validation) Have you set a breakpoint to ensure that wrong Input is True? And the wrong value is deleted from the Data Grid View right after checking. But is it possible to set the wrong value to a value that is accepted by the Cell Validating Event? I mean i have to check the input to see if its correct havent i?

I have a form with datagridview with columns qty , unit price and cost . When i enter unit cost in unit price column i wrote this calculation in cell end edit event for datagridview but when mouse left the focus only the event do calculations..

Hi Ruth Goldberg, Thank you for the additional details.

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