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A tow truck driver robs women who called for assistance.

Ponch breathes in nitrous oxide (laughing gas) at an accident scene and becomes loopy. Ponch and Jon are accused of improperly moving an accident victim.

It is hoped that competing in the Olympiad will encourage students already interested in this valuable, wide-ranging and rewarding subject to continue their study beyond A-level.

The top four students will go on to represent the UK at the International Biology Olympiad in Singapore, in July.

This can be extended to more dates or equally there might be fewer if the category is smaller.

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Jon takes a liking to a stray pooch found on the freeway, but when the dog won't stay quiet, he leaves the pup with Ponch; after a traffic stop, a trio of young toughs decide to teach Ponch a lesson, but it may be Jon who'll pay the price. Getraer is so distracted over his son's accident that he accidentally releases a dangerous drug dealer. Sarge and their fellow officers back at Central reminisce about the past two years.

The teams were tasked with presenting details of their tests and findings at the final, before being quizzed on their works both by their opponents as well as by the tournament officials.

All the international teams are now preparing their solutions these 5 and a further set of 12 problems – more information on these and the IYPT can be found on

For those of you who are married or in a relationship you can join us for the live music and dancing while you support your single friends by purchasing a social-only ticket.

Pre-registration is essential for speed-dating and will include a complimentary drink on arrival from the bar.

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