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Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. Ah, the Peace Corps: the one occupation that lets you go to exotic lands, meet interesting people, see amazing sites, and fall madly in love while doing it. Heck, I myself have met the eternal love of my life while serving in the Peace Corps (or something to that effect). However, judging by the search engine hits on my blog (‘romance in the Peace Corps’ is fourth, behind ‘sex in the Peace Corps’, ‘Peace Corps drugs’, and variations of ‘krokodil photos’ (I did a photo-heavy blog on krokodil last year)), a LOT of people out there are interested in the romantic possibilities of Peace Corps service. First, some hard math: there are only so many of you to go around.I’ll give my thoughts here, and then I’ll ask Amanda to reflect and give her perspective too, so that both sides are covered.

Their collection includes photos and stories of their work in Nigeria. Both members of Turkey IV, Ed and Karen met during training and maintained contact while working in separate towns.

I remember Amanda telling me before I left for the Peace Corps that she had done some research on the internet about how relationships in the Peace Corps tend to work out, and the results were not good.

Yet it’s a time to reflect and be amazed at how lucky I’ve been to have Amanda’s support, love, and companionship all this time and how special our relationship is to have stayed so strong and close through almost 18 months apart. This post will focus on our long-distance relationship and how other people who are in relationships and planning on joining the Peace Corps can think about what it means to be apart for this long and stay together.

The first thing I remember was a guy raising his hand and asking the Peace Corps official, "Is it true that 80 percent of volunteers come back married, engaged or in love? Here I was trying to imagine what Romania looked like and where I'd be living. Janice Sims was one of my fellow volunteers in Romania.

It turns out she was just as surprised at the mention of love at her Peace Corps orientation.

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