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The International Bank (IB) was among several banks subpoenaed by the court in January 2017 to surrender the bank statements of indicted Senator Sherman, but the bank presented only 14 of 26 statements requested by the court.

Judge Gbeisay recalled that the bank has been served with subpoena twice to produce the documents.

“The action of the bank to continue to dodge the request of this court to have these instruments produced is contemptuous, considering this transaction took place more than six years ago, the court will consider the bank for today,” Gbeisay said last Friday, pardoning the bank. Theophilus Gould had told the court that the prosecution was unable to continue with the direct examination of its witness Blamo Kofa formerly Chief Investigator at the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC).

“Your honour, the prosecution begs the court that it is unable to continue the direct examination of its second witness Kofa without the bank statements of co-defendant Sherman from the International Bank (IB),” said Cllr. According to the prosecution, the checks and bank statements of co-defendant Sherman is needed by the prosecution because it forms part of key evidence to prove the guilt of the defendants.

One that's trotted out every time a team suffers a significant injury.

The kind that befell Arizona Cardinals inside linebacker Deone Bucannon late last season—one that has lingered into 2017.

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