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Don’t be a thief—save your grade, use Bib Me™ and give credit to those who deserve it!By collecting and analyzing data from a variety of government and private sources, we're able to create detailed, informative profiles for every city in the United States.

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Geographical and statistical data, demographics, current and historical values - it’s all here.

Located here are the Museum of East Tennessee History, covering 300 years of life in the region, the Mc Clung Historical Collection, a premier genealogical research library, the offices of the East Tennessee Historical Society, and the Knox County Archives, with records dating to 1792, and the Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and Sound.

Mc Clung Collection: FREE; Knox County Archives: FREE; Museum of East Tenn.

Unless otherwise indicated, these entries are expressions that I first heard during the 1950s and 1960s when I was growing up on White Oak Mountain on our farm near the Raleigh/Summers county line.

After some of the phrases I have included information from references.

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