Validating checkboxlist asp net control using javascript who is mimi dating

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Here is an example of the HTML that would be rendered by a Check Box List with a layout of “Flow”.

My solution to the problem required a custom validator and a custom error Placement function, for the j Query validaiton plug-in.

The client-side script will be executed before the validation takes place, which is an expected behavior and can be observed with standard Button control as well.

NET Validation Controls Compare Validator Compare Validator 2 Custom Validator Range Validator Range Validator 2 Regular Expression Validator Required Field Validator Validationsummary Validationsummary 2 ASP.

‘Client Id’ becomes different when the control is placed inside an repeater or gridview.

NET Validation is used along with a Rad Button that has client-side event handler attached, an unexpected behavior may occur.

As noted, the default setup of the validation plug in is to validate a FORM which isn’t possible with ASP. To get around this, I decided I was going to wrap all my forms in a FIELDSET with the class “validation Group”.

Using this class as my selection, I’m able to have multiple groups of controls wrapped in a FIELDSET validated separately.

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