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Last August, we announced the availability of the Excel REST API on Microsoft Graph.

We continue to explore opportunities for new scenarios and functionality that allows for deeper and richer integration with Excel workbooks.

I was trying to reset the used range in a spreadsheet template I inherited the other day, that had a much bigger used range than it should have had. Tried deleting rows and columns below and to the right of the Then and only then could I get the used range to go back to it’s cage. But might explain why you’ve had used ranges in the past that you simply could not get to behave.

(UPDATE: As demonstrated by snb’s code, the weird result you get by resizing a hidden column disappears if you close and then reopen the workbook.) In the course of all this, I noticed that if you hide a row, then if you put the cursor over the hidden row and double-click when this icon comes up: …then the row is unhidden.

This feature will reduce the complexity involved in determining visible rows and take advantage of Excel's filtering capability.

2: Merge gives error if the range is one cell In Windows if you use code to Merge a variable range it is no problem if the range is one cell.

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This process is particularly troublesome when importing significant amounts of data.Applications can take advantage of this feature by refreshing the pivot table remotely based on timing or other business criteria. When a filter is applied on a range, it is often useful to know what values are visible (or selected from filter criteria).Previously, this required going through the underlying range to determine whether a row is visible or not.With that in mind, you should spend about 80 percent of your time planning your spreadsheet and about 20 percent implementing it.Although this can seem extremely inefficient in the short run, we can assure you that the long-term gain will far outweigh the short-term pain and that the planning gets easier after you've done it for a while.

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