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Fran is a tenacious advocate for victims of personal injury.He has years of experience handling catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases involving construction and commercial motor vehicle accidents.But the portrait, Untitled, made by Lockhart (MFA 93 Art), also reads as a pointed declaration of independence by three women confronting a male-dominated, New York-centered art world.“I was interested in the connection to the source, which was a Depression-era image of an American flag,” says Lockhart.I’ve spent a lot of time talking to them about what it means to be a young woman and encouraging their collective identity.” Moving freely among mediums, Stark’s recent work has drawn on art history and literature to inform language-driven pieces brimming with digital-era conceits and complexities.It has, like Lockhart’s, also led to intergenerational creative collaboration, in Stark’s case, with her friend and “muse,” Bobby Jesus, a young man originally from outside the art world whose life story has provided inspiration for several works.“We saw the image as a positive assertion of our feminist West Coast identity as artists.” Her friend and fellow alum Frances Stark (MFA 93 Art) elaborates: “Sharon’s research has long been concerned with labor issues and the particular inspiration for this photograph was an image from an era of workers’ solidarity.” Since making this iconic piece, Lockhart has produced photography, films and video focused on people of the Amazon, shipyard workers in Maine and other groups rarely celebrated by mainstream culture.

“I am profoundly sorry.”Francis was criticized on Wednesday after praising U. bishops in Washington for their “courage” in handling the church’s yearslong sexual abuse scandal.Fran also earned his Masters of Business Administration (M. It can’t be a coincidence that today’s season 4 debut comes right during the primaries — the same week as Super Tuesday, in fact.Will Trump’s alarming rise make President Underwood’s power plays, dirty-dealing, and murderous acts seem underwhelming?Will Hillary Clinton’s run inspire more girls-run-the-world storylines? Season 4, Episode 1: Chapter 40“Goddamn, you’re good with words.” Season 4 begins with now-imprisoned journalist Lucas Goodwin lulling his cellmate to orgasm with some kinky sex chat.

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