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In speaking directly to millennials, I hoped to express my belief that the prophets and apostles are indeed recommending dating as the primary activity to find a spouse in these latter days.

After thoroughly reading what exactly has been said in the last decade from our Church leaders, I believe dating is the method the Lord is asking us as modern-day hopefuls to use when looking for a spouse.

Snatched out of Young Women's and sentenced to Primary teaching music and singing with the kids (again) because everyone knows that young children want nothing else than to hear my tenor "man voice" every Sunday. White Elephant Wrap up gifts (with a max value of -3 dollars), and put them in a pile.

The same voice that my mom used to sing in when *I* was in primary that made me slump down in my seat, attempting to hide the fact that I was mortified and now MY children are mortified, like some sort of freaky circle of life thing. Each girl gets a chance to pick or steal something that has already been opened.

They have also forbidden me from using ANY of my killer dance moves while teaching, which has not been successful so far, but a girl needs something to strive for. At some point in the next 80 years of the service life ahead of me (because I am only 18 now)(stop laughing), I'll be doing activities again, so before I throw out all the calendars and notes of what we have done, I'm making a record of them so that next time? And maybe, JUST maybe, it'll help some of you out there who work so tirelessly to both entertain and inspire these wonderful youth we've got. daughter or mix it up), and they both get to see the word and the start drawing. Once something is stolen twice, it can't be stolen again.

This is gonna be a long one, with some blurred out faces (so parents don't get mad) and one BILLION horribly bad quality phone photos. Girls bring their own mason/spaghetti sauce jar and cut up journal entry prompts (a quick internet search will find you TONS). Bring a ton of props (stuffed animals, blankets, sports equipment, dress up clothing) and add to your stash by having the girls bring one item of their choosing.

I believe this guidance is being provided through His living mouthpieces on the earth. Cultures and customs may make dating different for you and there will always be exceptions.

God often gives us general principles to apply and then we move forward and do the best we can.

Here are 13 other things we learned about Twenty One Pilots while reporting the story.

After some pondering and reading through my old Journals when I was 19 and 20 recalling my frustration at the lack of boyfriend and dating opportunites even at that early age in the mid 90's, struggling what I should do with my life, if the time had come for me to move out of my parent's house yet and the pathways I should take, I can't say I blame these brave young girls.

If I'd had the opportunity to serve at 19 would I have gone? Yet, I feel someone has to ask the question: Is the dating pool really that bad?

"I was going to serve a mission, but I got married instead." These were the words spoken to me ten years ago as I sat chatting with a woman my age one Sunday at church.

I'd starting attending a family ward and I was all alone.

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