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Despite a government sympathetic to business, the brutality of the police and state of emergency powers, we emerged victorious.The mass dismissal by the Chamber of Mines was meant to destroy the NUM and Cosatu.The previous year, the district moved hundreds of special-ed students with emotional and behavioral disabilities into mainstream classrooms.It was an attempt to raise expectations for those students, but teachers complained that their classrooms grew more disruptive and that students weren’t getting the support they needed. The district also will reclassify Severs’s dismissal as a resignation rather than a non-renewal of her probationary contract.Gail Girard’s school year started with applause at a Bloomington school board meeting for her statewide teaching honor.

“Protected health information” excludes health information in education records covered by the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and employment records held by a school district in its role as employer. “Public officials” means business managers; human resource directors; athletic directors whose duties include at least 50 percent of their time spent in administration, personnel, supervision, and evaluation; chief financial officers; directors; and individuals defined as superintendents and principals. Names of applicants are private data except when certified as eligible for appointment to a vacancy or when they become finalists for an employment position.

PURPOSEThe purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to school district employees as to the data the school district collects and maintains regarding its personnel. An employee who is identified in a suggestion shall have access to all data in the suggestion except the identity of the employee making the suggestion. “Finalist” means an individual who is selected to be interviewed by the school board for a position. “Protected health information” means individually identifiable health information transmitted in electronic form by a school district acting as a health care provider. The following information on employees, including volunteers and independent contractors, is public: C.

All data on individuals collected, created, received, maintained or disseminated by the school district, which is classified by statute or federal law as public, shall be accessible to the public pursuant to the procedures established by the school district. All other data on individuals is private or confidential. Personnel data include data submitted to the school district by an employee as part of an organized self-evaluation effort by the school district to request suggestions from all employees on ways to cut costs, make the school district more efficient, or to improve school district operations. Regardless of whether there has been a final disposition as defined in Minn.

Paul Public Schools has paid ,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by a former teacher who claimed students regularly abused her physically and verbally.

Peggy Anne Severs last year sued the school district and former Battle Creek Middle School principal Tyrone Brookins, saying they did nothing to protect her from punches, kicks and vulgar insults.

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