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He won't know he should hold back a little bit physically the first time, and if he does figure out the big picture, he might feel deceived. A lie of omission isn't a great way to begin a relationship. I am not going to sit here and try to explain away biblical passages that tell readers sex is for marriage only, as I saw one 25 year old, liberal Christian female do on her blog.My stance, however, is that I think it’s unfair and unrealistic (I’m not sure what word to use to describe this) to expect any Christian over the age of 30 to remain perpetually chaste, regardless of the Bible’s teaching on the matter.I think it’s wonderful God bestows grace on former prostitutes and sends them husbands.My problem and bewilderment is not that God wants to grant nice things to formerly “bad” people – but that he will not bless a consistently good person with good things too.

If he sticks with you, then you know he's a keeper--and he knows you have standards.

Some worked at strip clubs, appeared in X-rated films, and some literally worked as prostitutes.

They all said after they repented of their sexual sin, God helped get them out of their sexual sins, and in every single one of these testimonies (except for one) that I have seen in the last seven years (and I have seen lots and lots of these testimonies), every single one of these women got married to “wonderful Christian men.”Here I am, a godly Christian woman in her early 40s who has not slept around, have not appeared in dirty movies, or worked as a prostitute or in a strip club, and I cannot even so much as get a boyfriend (I was engaged years ago but the relationship did not work out).

For all my life, I fully agreed with and abided by the Bible’s teaching about sex being for marriage only.

I thought, when I was in my 20s, and even into my mid-30s, that I would be married by the time I was 35. I still believe that the Bible is clear that sex if for marriage only.

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