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Dark brown hair, over 5'9" tall and 62 kg are some of the physical qualities of Amanda Crew.

Without doubt, she is beautiful and her sex appeal makes her stand out among equals, no wonder she was made the lead actress in many romantic films like Sex Drive. She is not just about her figures and sex appeal; she has business acumen as she co-owns a blog with her friend actress Amber Borycki.

Her special skills and interest include dancing, singing, painting and tennis. I'm an actress, and that's all I want to focus.

Deadlines to Submit your Screenplay, Novel, Story, or Poem to the festival: Robert Cuffley Writers: Robert Cuffley, Jason Long Stars: Chris Marquette, Amanda Crew, Michael Eklund Review by Gilbert Seah With the film’s tagline “Love is hard to pin down”, it is not hard to guess that CHOKESLAM is a romantic comedy about wrestling.

But the film’s protagonist is a nerdy 28-year old Corey Swanson (Chris Marquette JOAN OF ARCADIA), a mild-mannered deli clerk who slices cold cuts for a living, whose first love is Sheena.

Sheena has just flown into town for their high school reunion.

When I look for the next project, it's always about, "Is it going to push me out of my comfort zone? Am I working with people who are passionate about what they're doing?The script does nothing to make Corey, the romantic underdog likeable.The only time the audience gets a surprise is when he sneaks an unexpected kiss to Sheena.Otherwise, he could be a dirty old guy stalking a pretty innocent lady. What makes a good comedy is timing, a good script with potential hilarious set-ups. Well, a new photo of the couple holding hands might suggest the two are an item.

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