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When the Turkish army invades Bursa and Smyrna, the siblings are forced to flee.They witness many atrocities as the cities burn down but, thanks to Lefty's courage and ingenuity, they manage to make it safely onto a ship that takes them to Greece. On that ship, they realize that they are in love with each other, and that no one knows they are actually siblings.tells the story of the Stephanides family's immigration to America and their assimilation.

Book Two tells of how Lefty and Desdemona adjust to living in America, as well as the story of Milton and Tessie, Cal's parents.

But whatever the surgical choice, intersexuals show us that gender is infinitely more complex than shape of our genitals.

You can request a copy as a thank you gift when you make a donation.

They stage a fake courtship, and before the journey is over, they have been married in a Greek Orthodox marriage ceremony.

Once in America, they contact their cousin Lina Zizmo, who lives in Detroit.

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    Since his early teens Leo Fender had an interest in electronics, and when he grew up, Leo made a career for himself fixing and building PA systems for musicians, opening his own shop in California.

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