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She said: 'From references, this individual had a good upbringing.

He made his way up the ladder, he had a successful business, he obtained his pilot's licence, flew with DHL across the world and owned seven well maintained businesses.'Due to a number of factors, he found himself in a very distressing and difficult position.

Seville had also been using chat rooms - including one called 'Chat Avenue' - as a way to chat to teenage girls.'He said he was curious but never intended it to lead to anything,' said Mr Mc Entee.

'He indicated that he had a web cam but he didn't use it.

Defence lawyer Barbara Webster, stated her client - who had no previous convictions - had slipped into a 'fantasy world' after the stress of keeping his seven aeronautic businesses afloat in the recession and bad weather got too much for him.

Unaware of the situation, Christina smiled her way through the weather report.

Unbeknownst to her, viewers around the world have watched her mishap thanks to one person uploading the clip to You Tube.

If you manage to talk your way in, you’ll see flamenco performed just as it should be – passionate, proud and pissed.

2 | Where To Stay Corral del Rey consists of two converted 17th-century buildings on either side of a narrow alleyway in the city’s old Jewish Quarter, a short walk from the cathedral.

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