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“How do I know if the woman I’m interested in is lesbian?” This is a question I hear often from lesbians who are new or inexperienced in the dating game.

Again, working in all-metal mode, we dug all hits – which for the first hour were modern wire apparently related to early logging operations in the area. Working downslope, I began to find cut nails just before we quit.

Here are a few tips for you to work with in order to get your answer: If you’re at the local hangout that is usually full of heterosexuals, the chances are good she’s not family.

If you must approach her because you just can’t stand not talking to her, go at it with the thought of just saying hi and getting to know her. If the location always has a good mix of lesbians, gays and other diverse people, then there’s a chance she could be lesbian or bisexual. If you don’t know what flirty signals look like, they include prolonged eye contact.

Or perhaps you see her at your local mall or Starbucks.

Wherever it is you’re seeing that hot woman, you’re busy trying to figure out if she’s lesbian so you can ask her out.

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