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When you reach the next screen you will see your discount applied.The Hostgator 1 cent coupon will get you a 1 month trial on hostgator shared hosting.Plus, cookies can be deleted and when there is cookie deletion, return visits by the same person (with deleted cookies) wrongly appear to be a new unique visitor. I personally think is it more accurate, avoiding the blocked cookies issues.Host Gator separates out the robots from the traffic stats.When I try to print this page, for example, the output is truncated to one page: Ajax is the last row printed.e Accelerator is a free open-source PHP accelerator, optimizer, and dynamic content cache.If you are running a medium traffic Word Press site, or any other site that is dynamic, you may or may not face issues based on Site Ground’s constraints.

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If cookies, images or java script are blocked by the user or if there are default security settings in the browser that block third party cookies, images or java script (new versions of IE), Google Analytics is not able to sense those visitors. I happen to like Host Gator’s AWstats and get real time information as opposed to the delay Analytics gives.

Through Analytics you will be able to check different statistics regarding your website’s traffic.

Google Analytics is good as long as the you understand that is does not report all of the traffic and that there are delays in the reporting which can be as long as up to two days in arrears.

Site Ground offers an in-house caching mechanism called Super Cacher, which makes your Word Press blog load blazingly fast.

Super Cacher technology offers caching at three levels: These caching mechanism is pretty awesome & makes Siteground hosting standout.

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