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You CAN make updates to your coursework section for newly completed or planned courses using a system called Academic Update.Using this system requires the following: After submitting, you cannot make any updates to your coursework section until your application is in the “Verified” status.Therefore, if you have received partial grades for a given session, do not add these courses to the completed courses section until ALL grades are received.You can NOT add prior year coursework on to the academic update.

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Courses that were originally reported as completed cannot be modified.

The earlier date must be used to determine when reverification is necessary.

We suggest that you remind employees, at least 90 days before the date reverification is required, that they will be required to present a List A or List C document (or acceptable receipt) showing continued employment authorization on the date that their employment authorization or documentation whichever is sooner, expires.

However, please note that when submitting an update, you must move the entire TERM from in-progress to complete.

You cannot move only some of the courses within a term to completed and add the rest later.

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