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The Associated Press has confirmed that the legendary actor passed away at 80 years old.TMZ reports that Moore had been on a respirator for over a week.If you spend your time wondering and complaining about this and why this isn’t right and that isn’t right, you're just wasting your time.Just celebrate where you are.” Watch the entire interview on January 19. Moore is best known for her role on , where she played a thirtysomething news producer in Minneapolis.The role was seen as revolutionary, as it was one of the first portrayals of a single working woman on television.

And that’s what is so important, you have to enjoy it.

In its most recent season (9/13/16 – 11/29/16), “THE PAYNES” (Premieres in 2018) – In this spin-off of Tyler Perry’s hit comedy “House of Payne,” Curtis and Ella Payne (stars La Van Davis and Cassi Davis reprising their roles) are trying to enjoy their retirement in Florida only to get roped into a real estate deal that will tumble their lives like clothes in a dryer.

The series also stars Emmy winner Jackée Harry, Stephanie Charles, Markice Moore, JD Mc Crary and Sanai Victoria.

MTV's Best New Artist hurls hundreds of anti-gay slurs on his new album. "Gay just means you're stupid." His album, "Goblin," uses the word "fa**ot" and variants of anti-gay lyrics a total of 213 times, according to NME, a music weekly. I love it that he is significantly urban with street cred and same-sex oriented. R56 but the difference is he's being all ironic and shit .can still be masculine (which is what you really mean) without being disingenuous about his cultural knowledge; anyone who follows his career knows he's got a wide interest in cinema, art, and obscure music of all genres.

(Tyler uses the exact words "fa*" or "fa**ot" a total of nine times on Goblin In case anyone's interested in hearing the song. r56, some bi and gay men are "hood" and "urban" and even "thuggish," and it is good for society to see this reality. His good friend Frank seems able to reconcile his "street" and arty cultured sides with no problem -- indeed that's that's his big selling point.

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