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Roldan, 26 — who placed third on season 7 of SYTYCD in 2010 — is coming back to the series as an all-star who will be partnered with a newcomer hoping to win the title of America’s Favorite Dancer.

15 08 - So You Think You Can Dance Who Won Finale Part 2 Gaby Diaz Winner . It's less mentally exhausting than the show, because we're not.However, after seeing a couple promo videos, I’m actually looking forward to the dancing competition’s tenth season.Adding to my excitement is the fact Season […] We have finally made it folks!It helps that he appeared in my favorite routine of all time, which we’ll get to later in the list. Mark Kanemura,” or to look to Lady Gaga’s right during her live performances. Alex Wong The injured holy child of season seven gave us a handful of fantastic performances: He had his own Jeff Buckley triumph set to “Hallelujah” (which was a little literal, but still, fab), a thrilling ballet piece, and my favorite performance ever — his hip-hop duet with t Witch. That’s probably him in a fetching, yet masculine skirt jiving alongside her. Marko Germar Who could forget last year’s third-place finisher Marko and his kickass contemporary routine with Allison Holker set to that Jeff Buckley song? Also salient: Who could forget his adorable smile, fresh face, and that still lodged in his shoulder? Blake Mc Grath Almost every first season of a reality series features an overly cocky contestant who fizzles out before his time thanks to attitudinal issues.

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