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It’s a far cry from how the porn industry used to work.A decade ago, female performers would often sign with a large company like Vivid Entertainment or Wicked Pictures, which would pay them to appear in company-produced films and promote their work at porn conventions or strip club appearances.The main resource im looking for is a 24/7 porn addiction help'website with chat and all. @diligent Strings2354 Firstly, I would advise u to join Nofap community on Reddit. There is an app called Stay Focused , which is really helpful.Also, try to reduce the use of laptop and smartphone. Every time you do it there is something that acts as a punishment?

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I realise it won’t stop children, or teens, from accessing porn, if they’re determined enough.

Recently i went 2 months clean without porn, but not masturbation. The sad part is that ive kinda given up on stopping.

Ive lost my motivation nd i just feel empty and wasted.

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