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Dr Josep Mallolas of Hospital Clinic Barcelona told el Periodico : “There is everything: sex roulette parties, or sex parties you can only attend if you already have HIV.” He added that some of the events are known as ‘blue’ parties because attendees take anti-viral drugs to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus.

Last year, a Serbian stripper called Tijana claimed the parties originated in Serbia – and were named Serbian sex roulette, after Russian roulette, Metro reported.

In early May 2016, a number of tabloids around the world published stories about a “new” trend called sex roulette, in which people gather for unprotected sex with at least one member is secretly HIV-positive.

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Go forth and be prepared for butts — lots of butts.Hi Snopes, I have seen stories floating around Facebook (as well as a couple of sensationalist British newspapers) claiming that ‘sex roulette parties’involving a hiv positive participant are on the rise.Is there any truth to this or is it fake news being mistaken for the truth?Women Sex is the only live sex chat site where you don't have to pay to signup!All of our sexy ladies are waiting to do whatever you tell them to on their webcams.

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